:: What The Black Panel Is ::

The Black Panel is a mix of Black and often non-Black entertainment industry movers, shakers and new comers. Comics are an important part but far from being the only component of the panel. Black content from all areas of the entertainment arena are fair game in the dialogue. Black culture is youth culture in America and The Black Panel attempts to bring insight, information and access to its vast diverse audience.

:: What The Black Panel Is Not ::

The Black Panel is not a forum for just Black People, it’s a forum about Black Entertainment and showcases those who are doing notable work in film, TV, comics, music, etc. The secondary focus (just as, if not more important) is to reach out to as many young creators of color (and all young creators who strive for a way in) and give them access to those who have made a contribution. It’s been mentioned above but bears repeating, Black culture IS young culture.